How Proactive Organizations Solve for Weaknesses in The Food Chain




The Importance of Food Safety Management Systems

Join us for our "How Proactive Organizations Solve for Weaknesses in The Food Chain" webinar hosted by Cathy Crawford, President of HACCP Consulting Group, where she will review a newly released study on foodborne illness conducted by the FDA.

This report shows how food safety management systems are key to keeping customers safe. While most manufacturing companies have implemented robust food safety practices, the pressure is mounting for retail and food service to follow suit. She will explore the relationship between digital food safety and certified food protection managers in preventing foodborne illness, and how to promote effective food safety behaviors.

The study outlines the need to gain better control over food preparation training and proper temperature control for perishable foods throughout the food chain. Cathy will review the most common foodborne illness risk factors and failures of food safety programs in food service that lead to these risk factors.


Meet The Presenter


Cathy Crawford
President, HACCP Consulting Group


About the presenter:

Ms. Crawford is an enthusiastic trainer who has provided HACCP and other food safety training to a wide variety of businesses including meat and poultry processors, bakeries, fruit and vegetable processors/packers, and food service establishments. In addition to her contributions within the HACCP Consulting Group, she is also a Senior Consultant for the Quality Support Group and was an adjunct instructor at the Culinary Institute of Virginia.

About SmartSense:

SmartSense wireless sensors and digital checklists drive operational excellence in organizations by improving quality control, ensuring regulatory compliance, and increasing operational efficiency.