Evolving IoT and Analytics Capabilities
From Custom Solutions to Standard Features



Real-World Applications of Advanced Analytics

Powerful analytics capabilities promise significant business improvements to any organization, and SmartSense has worked with many clients to improve their business processes related to the safe storage of temperature-sensitive products like pharmaceuticals and food. As with feature development in many domains, in evolving our platform we have encountered a spectrum from customer-specific solutions to standard features that every customer can get value from.

Join us in our webinar where Jason Sroka, VP of Analytics here at Smartsense, will walk us through 3 applications of IoT and analytics that we have developed to address customer needs falling at different points along the custom-to-standard feature spectrum, and how features can evolve and move along the spectrum. We'll start with a bespoke service that provides insight into refrigeration equipment performance, followed by a tailored capability that models a product’s temperature without the need to measure and probe the actual product, and ending with a standard product feature that aggregates regional data and information to identify power outages from natural events.

These 3 levels of capabilities are evolving into powerful tools to improve your business:

  • Asset Scoring enables informed maintenance and procurement decisions based on equipment performance data.
  • Product Simulation provides insight into product temperature from measuring the air, without the need to probe the product directly or deploy a physical temperature buffer.
  • Storm Reports supports coordinated remediation across a region by creating a unified view of how sites are affected by a natural event.

Register now to get a sampling of the practical capabilities that analytics are providing. Look past the hype and gain an understanding of real-world applications of advanced analytics.


Meet The Presenter


Jason Sroka
VP of Analytics, SmartSense by Digi


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