Schnucks Selects SmartSense
Schnucks has deployed SmartSense in each of its 115 locations. This implementation includes the placement of sensors in every Schnucks refrigeration unit and rollout of digital task management.
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Grocery Advanced Analytics
Remote temperature monitoring, combined with advanced analytics from SmartSense, will help your retail grocery chain achieve operational excellence.
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Reopen with Confidence
SmartSense offers a portfolio of automation tools to help restaurants optimize their business and do more with less.
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ROI Calculator

Grocery ROI Calc

Grocery ROI Calculator
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Pharmacy ROI Calc

Pharmacy ROI Calculator
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Customer Stories

Rite Aid-Logo

Rite Aid improves customer safety and satisfaction with continuous temperature monitoring.

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FF Logo

Festival Foods will gain a 300% ROI investment by reducing employee labor and preventing loss.

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Kowalskis Logo

Kowalski's Markets enables more time to serve customers by redirecting over 40 hours of tedious work every week.

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VA Logo

This VA hospital consolidates data through remote monitoring of all their campuses, including offsite remote clinics.

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ZPower Logo

ZPower leverages 24/7 monitoring for their critical testing parameters and manufacturing processes.

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Mercy Health-Logo

Mercy Health deploys SmartSense across 3 hospitals to improve patient safety and simplify their compliance logging.

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Schnucks implemented automated monitoring to proactively identify temperature excursions, redirecting 8 hours per day towards improving the customer experience.

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NASA redirects more than 30 minutes of labor per day to critical research by leveraging SmartSense condition monitoring.

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Arcos Dorados Logo

Arcos Dorados Holdings leverages SmartSense for real-time temperature alerts to proactively schedule equipment maintenance.

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RaceTrac Logo

RaceTrac utilizes automated monitoring to save labor hours and gain 24/7 monitoring in 600+ stores.

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Evolving IoT and Analytics Capabilities from Custom Solutions to Standard Features
Learn about 3 applications of IoT and analytics that SmartSense has developed to address customer needs.
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Supply Chain Visibility 
for Operational Excellence

Get a firsthand look at how SmartSense enables
end-to-end visibility into the supply chain.

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How Proactive Organizations Solve for Weaknesses in the Food Chain
Learn more about a newly released study on foodborne illness conducted by the FDA.
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The Power
of Prediction
Learn the process of implementing analytics in your organization.

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Turning FSMA Mandates 
into Measurable ROI

Go beyond the mandate and automate your business to realize real return on investment.
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Defining the Future of
Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Learn about case studies focused on foodborne illness incidents that guided food safety regulations.
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Food Safety and
Your brand Risk
Learn the process of implementing analytics in your organization.

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Digital Food Safety
Increase food safety visibility and reduce risk with real-time monitoring.
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Comply with HACCP to reduce inventory loss, and save on labor and maintenance costs.
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Pharmacy Monitoring
Ensure compliance visibility and improve
staff productivity.

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Protect walk-in freezers, display racks, and prepared food items around the clock.
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Supply Chain Visibility
Improve efficiency, safety, customer service, and FSMA compliance.
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System Overview
Get an introduction to our IoT hardware products and see the power of our cloud-based software platform.
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White Papers & eBooks


The Ultimate Guide to
Digital Checklists

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Food Safety: Fact or Fiction
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The Importance of Temperature Monitoring and Medication Safety and Efficacy
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Food Safety & Brand Risk:
An Independent...
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Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring: Adapting Your Business for Success
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