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Customer Stories

Rite Aid-Logo

Rite Aid improves customer safety and satisfaction with continuous temperature monitoring.

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FF Logo

Festival Foods will gain a 300% ROI investment by reducing employee labor and preventing loss.

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Kowalskis Logo

Kowalski's Markets enables more time to serve customers by redirecting over 40 hours of tedious work every week.

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VA Logo

This VA hospital consolidates data through remote monitoring of all their campuses, including offsite remote clinics.

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ZPower Logo

ZPower leverages 24/7 monitoring for their critical testing parameters and manufacturing processes.

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Mercy Health-Logo

Mercy Health deploys SmartSense across 3 hospitals to improve patient safety and simplify their compliance logging.

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Schnucks implemented automated monitoring to proactively identify temperature excursions, redirecting 8 hours per day towards improving the customer experience.

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NASA redirects more than 30 minutes of labor per day to critical research by leveraging SmartSense condition monitoring.

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Arcos Dorados Logo

Arcos Dorados Holdings leverages SmartSense for real-time temperature alerts to proactively schedule equipment maintenance.

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RaceTrac Logo

RaceTrac utilizes automated monitoring to save labor hours and gain 24/7 monitoring in 600+ stores.

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Evolving IoT and Analytics Capabilities from Custom Solutions to Standard Features
Learn about 3 applications of IoT and analytics that SmartSense has developed to address customer needs.
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Supply Chain Visibility 
for Operational Excellence

Get a firsthand look at how SmartSense enables
end-to-end visibility into the supply chain.

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How Proactive Organizations Solve for Weaknesses in the Food Chain
Learn more about a newly released study on foodborne illness conducted by the FDA.
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The Power
of Prediction
Learn the process of implementing analytics in your organization.

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Turning FSMA Mandates 
into Measurable ROI

Go beyond the mandate and automate your business to realize real return on investment.
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Defining the Future of
Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Learn about case studies focused on foodborne illness incidents that guided food safety regulations.
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Food Safety and
Your brand Risk
Learn the process of implementing analytics in your organization.

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Digital Food Safety
Increase food safety visibility and reduce risk with real-time monitoring.
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Comply with HACCP to reduce inventory loss, and save on labor and maintenance costs.
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Pharmacy Monitoring
Ensure compliance visibility and improve staff productivity.
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Protect walk-in freezers, display racks, and prepared food items around the clock.
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Supply Chain Visibility
Improve efficiency, safety, customer service, and FSMA compliance.
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System Overview
Get an introduction to our IoT hardware products and see the power of our cloud-based software platform.
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White Papers & eBooks


The Ultimate Guide to
Digital Checklists

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Food Safety: Fact or Fiction
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The Importance of Temperature Monitoring and Medication Safety and Efficacy
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Food Safety & Brand Risk:
An Independent...
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Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring: Adapting Your Business for Success
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Premier Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition
June 23-26, 2020
Nashville, TN
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TASN Annual Conference
June 28-30, 2020
Austin, TX
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McKesson Ideashare
July 12-16, 2020
Austin, TX
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