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Supply Chain Visibility for Operational Excellence

Tony Vitulli Support Manager, SmartSense by Digi

Join us for our "Supply Chain Visibility" live demo hosted by Tony Vitulli, Support Manager at SmartSense, where he will give a detailed walkthrough our supply chain solution.

SmartSense provides remote monitoring solutions for complete visibility into fleet management. Register now to get a firsthand look at how we enable end-to-end visibility into the supply chain, and see real data gathered by our customers. Find out how our real-time monitoring solutions improve FSMA compliance management with proof of inventory temperature throughout the cold chain. Tony will provide an in-depth view into our solution and how remote monitoring ensures product quality, eases compliance management, and eliminates manual processes.

The walkthrough will be a comprehensive overview of our supply chain solution, including sensors and hardware, dashboard views, and automated reporting capabilities. Register now to see it in action!